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ProKennex tennis, squash and badminton kites

ProKennex was   founded in 1978 with
headquarters in Taiwan. ProKennex has for years designed and produced ketchers
for tennis, squash and badminton and for other types of ketchersports.
ProKennex has been one of the leading ketch brands in the world for years.

 If you’re looking for a kettle with a remarkable design and great
playing qualities, ProKennex ketcher is a great choice. With years of
experience in design and production of high quality ketchers, ProKennex has
established itself as one of the leading brands in the world.

Why choose a ProKennex racket?

Hver eneste ProKennex ketcher bliver fremstillet efter firmaets høje
standarder. Hver enkelt ketcher bliver produceret med den nyeste teknologi hvilket
giver helt unikke spilleegenskaber. Ketcheren adskiller sig derfor fra mængden
og bringer ofte noget nyt til de mange ketcherentusiaster verden over.

Hvis du leder efter en ketcher med den nyeste kinetic teknologi som
modvirker ”tennisarm” så er ProKennex
som det eneste ketchermærke i verden i stand til at tilbyde dette.

 Hvad er Kinetic Teknologi?

Kinetic Teknologi er et unikt system udviklet af
ProKennex. Dette patenterede system modvirker risikoen for ”tennisarm” ved at
reducere vibrationerne i ketcherrammen.

Hvordan virker Kinetic Teknologi

Built-in points in the kettle frame ensure that the
oscillations remain in the kettle frame when hit the ball. This means
that the oscillations do not propagate into the shaft and therefore not further into the
arm. The risk of “tennis arm" is thus significantly reduced.

Watch video  about the unique Kinetic technology!

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